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Over the years Toladent Global Resources have become a household name to reckon with in the renewable energy industry. With its team of expert and provider of certified, authentic, original solar energy components and accessories.



Our batteries have been tested and proven by our numerous customers to stand the test of time. Our range of Batteries;
Deep Cycle Battery Series , Gel Battery Series , Front Terminal Series , OPzS SERIES.



Inverters play a crucial role in any solar energy system and are often recognized as the heart of the system. Being one of the most important and most complex components in an independent energy system, choosing the right inverter is extremely important and this is where quality pays.



Solar Panel

At Toladent Global Resources, we supply panels that meet strict British and European regulations. All our solar modules are produced using cutting edge technology in partnership with the UK Solar Power.


Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

We offer operation and maintenance services to ensure the sustainable and optimum performance of your solar plant. Services include performance monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance, reporting; and component warranty management.

Solar Power PV Solution and System Monitoring

Solar Power PV Solution and System Monitoring

We provide Renewable Energy services in Solar PV solution, ATM Solar Power Solutions, Office Solar Power Plant Solution with Communication Monitoring Device infrastructure

Solar Power Training and Consultancy

Solar Power Training and Consultancy

We maintain and train your staff on the use of the equipments; amongst other value adding services.